Hello to all the friends and fans of The Stacey Collins Band. It's hard to believe another summer has nearly come to an end, but the partying is just beginning. We play year round, and have a blast whatever the weather brings. Come out soon and often, we always enjoy the company!

They say that the only constant in life it that things change. The Stacey Collins Band has gone through a lot of changes in the past, and continues to go through changes as it marches into the future. Please welcome our latest changes, Greg Leiber on Keyboards, Mikey "the Wop" Gilfone on Drums and Paul Bracken on Bass as they join Stacey and Lil John in the next chapter of the Stacey Collins Band story. Come out to listen and party with this incredible group of musicians as they take you on a tour of the best music ever recorded.

The Thursday Night Jams at Rumors have been great with many talented musicians and vocalists setting in. If you haven't made it out yet we hope you can find the time to do so soon. We know there are many bands out there playing and we appreciate your patronage greatly. Thank you all for your support and friendship. Let's all have a wonderful and safe summer! Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Look for new changes in the website and all new bios coming soon. Please remember and never forget "You gotta love this band!!!"

For anyone interested in Band Merchandsie, we have an online shop at CafePress.com where you can purchase SCB clothing and other great items. Just click the new Merchandise link at the bottom of the navigation bar to the left to open the store in a new window. There you will find everything you ever wanted in TSCB clothing and accessories. New items will be coming soon. Thank you Phil Clark for your never ending help in the pursuit to promote this band! Your friendship is priceless!

As always log on to see new and exciting upcoming events. We have a page on Facebook as well. Log onto The Stacey Collins Band fan page and become a friend of the band! We are 800 strong and want to increase our friends so feel free to recommend your friends to our FaceBook page.

Check out the Photo Gallery from time to time. We will be adding pictures of friends and fans that come out to see us. You might be in some of the pics! We hope you will come out to see us this weekend. We truly thank you for your friendship and patronage. It is greatly appreciated.

A special thanks to Phil "Swordfish" Clark our Photographer/ Videographer and Graphic Artist of the band, you may view the band live via youtube.com. There are a number of songs performed by the band. Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery and Videos pages to see the results of his hard work. We truly thank you for your friendship and patronage. It is greatly appreciated. Gotta love this band!