Always looking for attention, early in life, Stacey found that singing was the sure way to get people to stop and listen. She learned musical structure in Choir in school and Madrigal groups throughout high school. She loved making music with vocals and the sound of four part harmony. She studied a little piano and organ early in her teens but the ability to play by ear always got in the way of structured playing. Always wanting to sing, after someone left their guitar in her possession at age 13 she taught herself to play and accompany herself. It was much easier to carry around than an Hammond B-3! Throughout the seventies, while attending many concerts at The Mississippi River Festival (for those born in the 50's & 60's) she became mezmerized by the energy found in a live performance. In her teens she formed a three piece acoustic folk group with two other classmates and played a few local pubs but no one else compelled to perform like Stacey so it was short lived. She was influenced by so many styles of music from the Classic Standards and Musical Tunes, 50's Rock & Roll, Motown R&B, 70's Rock, Folk,and Country of the 60's and 70's. Early childhood influences were Elvis, Judy Garland, Bobby Darin, Dion, Little Richard & Jerry Lee Lewis. As a teen, her influences were Gladys Knight, Al Green, Elton John, Three Dog Night & Electric Light Orchestra.

She was bitten by the bug at a TDN concert. Experiencing the lights, energy, harmony and great Hammond B-3 sounds, she had an epiphany and decided she must perform. It would take decades for her to finally achieve exactly what she wanted as a performer in a group. Music was put on the back burner until 1982 where she joined a "Wedding band" and played with a few other local bands, then later joined a house band at a Bobby's Nightclub in Ofallon, IL, from 1984 to 1988. Throughout that time she met many talented musician and eventually got together with four other musicians and formed Lucky Star. They traveled the US and Canada for many years and kept the dream alive of performing. Tired of trekking the states in the late 90's, knowing that St. Louis was always a mainstay for Classic Rock some changes were made and The Stacey Collins Band was formed. Now she could begin to enjoy, embrace and express her own personal musical influences.

She had been a songwriter since a teen and has hopes to create a CD of originals in the future to share with friends and fans. She has great admiration for the fellow musicians in this band and considers herself very fortunate to share a stage with them. She loves to move people from their seat and onto their feet. As an entertainer, she feeds off the excitement of a crowd and uses her power to entertain and move people with music. Come out and experience The Stacey Collins Band and be a part of the Rock & Roll Experience!

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